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İngilizce Şarkımız (Eurovision 2012) Love Me Back

Bu sene (2012) Eurovisionda bizi temsil edecek Can Bonomo ve ingilizce şarkıLove Me Back.

İngilizce Şarkı Sözleri:

oh hey hey, baby love me back today
never ever sink my ship and sail away
oh, uh oh, baby don’t shut me down
give me all the love i need and i’ll be gone
i’m a lonely sailor drinking the night away
my ship is made from hope,
she’s searching for your bay
but you don’t care
hop up to my ship baby i’ll make you fly
you love me and you know that baby don’t you lie
like me like i like you and say naninaninaninanina
oh, uh oh, we need a bit of rock and rol

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